Online Passport Application System


  • This Online Passport Application Form Generator is free, but ensure you are eligible to use this system
  • Have your current passport ready and fill in the information being requested, as it appears in your current passport
  • Make sure that all information provided are accurate and true to the best of your knowledge
  • Print the completed form and affix your signature on the space provided in the form
  • Personally submit the application form together with your supporting documents
  • It is advisable not to purchase outbound travel tickets until your passport is actually in your possession
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs will not be responsible for any rebooking charges, loss of income, and other financial compensation and/or personal losses arising from the applicant's travel arrangement made while the passport has not been released
  • By clicking proceed and by using this system, you authorize the Department of Foreign Affairs to collect, store, and process your data strictly for the purpose of passport record creation and issuance

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